Facilities for horses


campsite labeled "Accueil Horses"

Riders are welcome to stay at Pech Ibert Camping thanks to the various facilities we have provided : 

  • Ropes for attaching the animal and being able to unload the animal
  • Saddlery for warehousing equipment
  • A shower for the horses
  • Paddocks fenced with drinking troughs
  • Box on request
  • Pre-fenced in front of the chalets to facilitate control
  • Possibility of supply of hay, grain


On request Maréchal Ferrant can come to treat the feet of the horses

For you, the rider, we can offer:


  • Dinner
  • Local wine bar, ice
  • Supply of clothes dryers
  • Breakfast
  • Fresh bread in the morning for the lunch picnic
  • Grocery
  • Hiking room: for cooking or just chatting